Cacophanous Harmonies

IV: Cacophanous Harmonies

IV – Cacophanous Harmonies

Like rocks in a stream, complex forms cause tubrulences, eddies, and whirlpools of drag in the flow. Currents collect and collide matter and form and a stability emerges from the chaos of change and motion.

The currents stretch and spin and splice new forms from those created by less complex and frequent collisions of a previous age. A term that now makes sense as the number of interactions occurring in the same moment stretches each moment to fit. What once was timeless and instantaneous has now been in existence longer than any sensible lifespan as we would understand such.

From outside in the cold, abyssal void, nothing has changed, and not an instant has passed. The something is nothing but a flash, a fleeting scratch that is there and gone so swiftly it can hardly have been said to have been there at all.

But inside the flash, the scratch stretches and distorts time as form shifts and fluctuates. Past giving rise to present, and opening future possibilities.

Amalgams of form collect in the meetings of currents, and the confluences of eddies. Squeezed by pressures into globes of seething matter. Splitting, colliding, connecting and conjoining in their turn. Until from even this chaos a stability of uniformity develops.

The forms evolve, paths diverging according to the necessities of environment and the pressures of time. Difference drives further change, keeping each moment stretched further than the last, all stretching the instant after which the nothing swallows it all once more.

Cacophanous Harmonies, digital art by Keith Neilson. Signed and numbered prints available. Limited to 50. £100 ea. Contact me with any enquiries

Unsigned prints in various formats available from


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