III: Entwintement


III – Entwinement

In the maelstrom of things that are ejected from the mouth of a void that isn’t, a chaos of collisions and conjoinments ensues. Simple begetting complex shapes and forms as one is added or subtracted to or from another.

Forms can be traced by their past interactions. A section missing here, a compound shape there. Sutractions and additions of space and energy promulgate across the brief instant of the something’s traversal through the nothing.

Movement and change give expression to time, within the realm where they occur. The nothing beyond remaining timeless and writhing, unmoving and unchanging at the edge of comprehension. It waits for an unending moment before consuming and absorbing the ejecta of chaos and motion.

That moment is nothing to the Void. It does not pass, because there is not time for it to do so. Ah, but in the chaos and energy of the fleeting flood of matter and energy, it is an eternity. Eon upon eon in which to grow, evolve, collide, deform, detatch, reform and combine. An endless dance of destruction and creation.

The driver of this dance, as it ever was, is difference. Density gradients, across a wide range of esoteric measures of energy and mass, velocity and inertia. Cause movement from high to low, fast to slow, hot to cold.

Rivers of change flow from instant to instant. Entangling each other and themselves. Capturing stray energy and matter, combining and splitting off in unending estuaries, deltas and tributaries. Linking previously unconnected concepts, ideas, forms and natures. Allowing them to cross-combine and compete. Their differences driving the forces of change and growth in each other.

Entwinement, digital art by Keith Neilson. Signed and numbered prints available. Limited to 50. £100 ea. Contact me with any enquiries

Unsigned prints in various formats available from webmandrill.deviantart.com


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