II: Emanative Confluentials


II – Emanative Confluentials

After the end, there was an uncountably infinite instant of nothing. Ultimate peace, tranquillity and stagnation. And then there was a beginning. There was nothing for this beginning to spring from, so it sprang from that.

In the beginning, before, and after, time, matter, and mind, there was Void, and Voids within that Void. Spaces in the nothing that were empty even of nothing. Time was not, there was no motion, change, or even rest.

In the frantic stillness of Void, the spaces within it, their static movements causing nothing in their wake, would, on occasion, vomit forth streams of matter, shape, energy, and motion. These rivers of something would be swiftly consumed by other nothings, but not before entire worlds were born and destroyed in their timeless and instant passage through the Void.

The chaos and frenetic life of motion and energy can only be imagined in the mind’s eye, the shapes it throws forth into the imaginings of man can only ever be shapes. Wordless metaphors for subconscious thoughts and ideas that defy language. They are their own language, and when rendered into ours it is only by metaphor that we are able to express them. Those metaphors need not be words…

Emanative Confluentials, digital art by Keith Neilson. Signed and numbered canvas prints available. Limited to 50. £100 ea. Contact me with any enquiries

Unsigned prints in various formats available from webmandrill.deviantart.com


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